Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hermes 32mm Reversible Belt Strap With Gold Buckle

Hermes Belt salt reform full years of age. In accordance with the explicit steps of the NDRC's reform, all provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) should complete the separation of the salt authority from the salt companies and completely break the local protection barrier where salt can not be operated across the province. Hermes H Buckle over the past year since the implementation of the policy of changing salt, there are still cases of salt deduction to foreign salt enterprises in Hermes Belt UK Store, Buy Hermes Belt Replica and even more cases of salt enterprises suing the local salt bureau.

Hermes 32mm Reversible Belt Strap With Gold Buckle

Hermes Reversible Belt is not scarce, the price is not high, but everyone can not leave. Because of the importance, it has always been the national franchise. The essence of the salt monopoly is the same as the head tax, which is an extremely important source of revenue for the old government. However, as of today, the state no longer needs to obtain poll tax by using salt. So far, rice products, grain and oil, which are also related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, have also been liberalized. Salt monopolies lost their legitimacy and were officially abolished by the end of 2016.

In the past, salt monopoly was equivalent to an administrative license, holding this power can control the local salt, monopoly power behind, is a huge vested interest. In 2014, there was a news report that Mr. Huang from Henan Province brought a half box of salt from Hermes Online Store. The result was found to be cross-regional salt by Hermes Salt Industry Bureau with a fine of 200 yuan. Xinzheng where ah, that is under the jurisdiction of the county-level cities in Hermes Store, Buy Cheap Hermes Belts with boxes of salt to Hermes Belt UK, actually have to fine, salt franchise was so absurd.

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