Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hermes Reversible Leather Strap 32 mm Belt With H Buckle

Hermes buckle in brushed gold-plated metal is no exaggeration to say that the high price of salt and law enforcement fines caused by the salt monopoly have fed tens of thousands of vested interests. For example, the media has exposed the Hermes Store Salt Company almost changed is a family, a leading cadre home. The 45-person unit, as many as 28 leaders, and 15 of them in a complex nepotism. Salt industry reform, above all, Hermes H buckle is to divest the vested interests of these vested interest groups. Unfortunately, touching the interests is harder than touching the soul.

Hermes Reversible Leather Strap 32 mm Belt With H Buckle

Hermes reversible leather strap in 135 calfskin change although it is officially implemented in 2017, but before brewing time has more than ten years, is a super late child. After the announcement of the reform package in 2014, it took more than two years before it was implemented. The buffer period has grown to a large number of the Internet industry, which is enough to end the round. With these backgrounds in mind, it is not surprising to see salt reform being over the age of nowadays. In many places, foreign salt companies are still fine. Obviously, the vested interests in the old system of salt industry did not give up.

In the past, the hermes belt replica system was split between government and enterprises. Later, it was a set of people and two brands. After the reform of the salt industry, the government and enterprises were required to separate. However, in many places, the salt industry was managed by the same people, Therefore, the separation of government and enterprises existed in name only. Salt change does not change, cross-border sales of salt is blocked, local protectionism is still serious, this kind of behavior with the reform to sing the tune, buy cheap hermes belt replica must be seriously pursued. At the same time, however, this actually exposes the problem of incomplete salt industry reform.

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