Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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In fact, the Internet tour car has indeed improved the convenience of people's travel. We must know that whenever we sit on a car network, our lives are basically handed to the driver, but in the next trip, but However, we cannot know the details of this driver from any source. Has he ever had a criminal history? Is there a dangerous driving criminal record? Even we are not sure whether the registered driver and driver are the same person. Belt Store's online dating market is one of the largest in Belt Store. As a passenger, our greatest concern is that when we embark on a drip vehicle, who will guarantee our safety. The flight attendant was killed in a taxi, indicating that it was a failure at this point.

In particular, many network vehicles are not particularly strict in terms of auditing conditions. Prior to this, the recruitment requirements for taxis of the US group also had similar requirements. However, a person familiar with the network car industry disclosed that, in the review of drivers, the data recorded by the DDT driver cheap hermes belt and the public security criminals were necessary for routine operations.

In fact, it is not alone in the case of killing owners. In 2016, there were similar tragedies in Shenzhen. On the evening of May 2nd, a 24-year-old female teacher in Shenzhen returned to school by driping. After the driver robbed the female passenger on the road, he was brutally murdered. The information on the drops shows that at that time the driver passed the platform audit, but the license of the vehicle was Panmou's temporary forgery. According to the police investigation results, the victim chose to cancel the order on the platform and continue to ride when he found that the license plate and the platform information were inconsistent.

This is an offline transaction that is almost impossible to avoid on the platform. Currently, most carpooling software on the market has more or less orders for trading off platform transactions. Express vehicles also have discrepancies between license plates. Even to a certain extent, online vehicles are extremely dependent on offline transactions. Current technology is almost impossible to achieve license plate tracking essentially.